Start your day 
in right way

Please join your day with a lot more mmm…-moments! 

With our tasty dumpling and homemade drinking,

our Seasonal menu and speciality  let you pick and mix your favourites 

from our menu to get you into the perfect goooood-day-mood!

Your Food! 
Your Life! 

We offer best food to you!

Your choice make your life!

We always stand by and support great food. Come on ! Take us ! 

You will never stop loving us!

Dumpling Story

Dumpling in Chinese is named as Jiaozi. Jiaozi is Chinese traditional food, especially for north China.

On traditional, Jiaozi is served in speical days, Chinease new year, and so on. 

It is shaped in ancient Ingot . It means wealthy and healthy in your life , in next new year.


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