Allergen information

The allergens from the EU common allergen list are written in CAPITAL LETTERS in the table of contents of each product. We also indicate these in a separate box so that our guests and staff can easily find the information. Traces off allergens listed comes from information provided to us by our suppliers for each ingredient.

Read the ingredient information carefully

If you are allergic to any substance other than those on the EU allergen list, please read the ingredient information carefully. These substances are written in lower case and are not listed in the allergen box.
The EU common list of allergens can be found here


We handle many products and ingredients and with that many different allergens. We are careful to separate ingredients to avoid allergens but our products are handled in the same premises and are available unpackaged in a common sales counter and heated in a common oven. This means that products can come into contact with each other and may contain allergens other than those shown on the website.


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